Our clients need us to deliver the jobs we do on time and within budget. They also demand that the job we do fulfilles all their requirements. Our services includes a wide range of skills and experience that can make this happen. We can not list everything we do. If you miss something below just call us and we can discuss any type of project. We have a vast network of skilled professionals that can help to solve any problem:

Our senior engineers have the experience to not only make your products better but also improve your production equipment and methods. Engineering and re-engineering of products will result in lower manufacturing cost, less weight and better performance. Improving the production equipment and methods saves time and increases quality.
The engineering service also includes rationalization, development, drawing audit, analysis, prototype manufacturing and project management. We also offer our clients to use our suppliers in China for manufacturing and production.

Rapid prototyping with 3D printer
Our facility have bought a Form 2 3D printer. We are now able to create 3D prototypes with high resolution in different material like plastic and rubber. The size of the prototypes can be as large as 140x140x140 mm. Call us for more info.

Our software development is an important service to complete projects we do for our clients. Software are the glue to tie everything together regardless if the end product is a Whirlpool, a production line controlling robots or just translating data to a CNC machine. We focus a lot on user interface and simplicity to use the software. We develop software using the following tools:

Quality and Environment.
We help your organisation to save money by implementing the latest ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards. After working with different companies for 10 years we have a solution which will minimize your costs for deviations issues and make the system easy and fun to use for everyone. The service includes Quality and Environmental project management, support, internal audits, process structuring and update of systems companywide.

Desktop publishing and animation
On a regular basis we produce manuals and catalogs for our clients. We collaborate with skilled artists who have the right feel for colors and layout. The tools we use are mostly Adobe software. Within our projects we can also import geometry from most CAD packages to produce lifelike images and animation.

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