The way we work

Our clients are very important to us. We strive to deliver a result that is simple, cost effective and easy to use. Many of our projects require that we learn new things. And that is the beauty of being an engineer. You never stop learning.

We have a large network of experienced engineers and project managers that can help our customers to become successful. Me and my colleague have created several successful companies and have travelled all around the world. We have suppliers in China, business contacts in the USA, we know how to attract venture capital and are always looking for new challenges. If this sounds interesting, call us!

Rickard Holmberg, CEO

Latest Projects

European Spallation Source. ESS is a big science project aimed at building the worlds brightest neutron source in Lund Sweden. Our job is to develop equipment for the target area of this machine. The work includes creating engineering models, drawings, installation plans and commissioning.

Norwegian Offshore Projects. We have been involved in two large projects. First developing an offshore vessel for servicing oil fields. In this project, we made the deck layout, built different types of equipment including commissioning, simulated all types of events on and off deck.
The second project was to develop subsea Christmas trees. The trees are very complex and required a lot of engineering. All documentation like installation manual, drawings, calculation reports etc. was handled and stored in our customers SAP system.

Energy saving system. We are currently helping one of our clients to attract investors and develop a new and unique home automation system. The system will work with Smart Grids giving utility companies a way to monitor and control overall load on the electric grid. The home owners will get lower energy cost and a unique way to control electrical appliances.

Production line. For a large manufacturer we have constructed a production line that will be used to drill holes in bathtubs. The line features two industrial robots, buffer storage, testing stations, handling equipment, vision systems and sequrity perimeters. The project included construction, manufacturing, implementation, robot programming, PLC software control and interface to business systems.

3D printer. As an ongoing service to customers we create rapid prototypes with our own Form2 3D printer. The printer can create objects fairly large objects in different types of material like transparent/solid color plastic and flexible rubber. We use SolidWorks and Pro/ENGINEER to create data for the prototypes.

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